Tiny Joys. . .

Joy doesn’t just have to come from the big things. So much happiness in life comes from savoring the little details—the things that are so easy to overlook, but which give us a few moments of bliss when we do take the time to notice them. For me, it’s the way tree leaves look when the sun shines through them, or catching a whiff of my neighbor’s wood stove in the fall. It’s the first sip of cold water when I’m really thirsty, listening to the crickets on a cool summer night, kissing my husband’s freshly shaved head, or letting dark chocolate melt ever so slowly on my tongue. I have a little notebook I lovingly refer to as my “Tiny Joy” Journal, and it’s basically a long list of the little things I love. You don’t have to keep a list (although it sure is fun!), but taking the time to notice these tiny joys and let the moment linger just a little longer is a great way to fit a little more joy into your life.

Peace and Love, Jim

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