We experience things more intensely in our mind than they actually are in real life. When we think about that interview coming up, the next game, your big speech, that bill that’s overdue, or anything else we tend to inflate the severity of the situation subconsciously.

You know the expression: People often make mountains out of molehills. We turn solvable problems into impossible climbs. Think about it, how many things have ever turned out as bad as you thought they would? Sure, there will be exceptions. But they’re just that– exceptions. Remember this and it will help you manage your challenges mentally better moving forward.

We dramatize any form of resistance. But most of our issues are simple to resolve. Learning how to make more of your time, learn something new, or lose a little weight aren’t unworkable tasks. So why do we make it seem that way? On some level large or small It’s because we are afraid. Afraid of the change, afraid of failure and yes afraid to even try something new.

Excuses are a human’s way of getting out of an opportunity they’re scared to grasp. Whatever you want to pursue, whatever new subject you wish to learn, is not as difficult as you’re making it seem. You’re only pretending it is because it’s an excuse not to do it. Turning a small problem into a frightening beast is another form of justification. “If it’s too complicated, I don’t have to do it.” Stop pretending. Wake up and look at your problem for what it really is: a trial you can easily tackle. Even if a problem seems difficult, you can still solve it. Most of the time. You can learn how to do what you desire. You’re not going to like hearing this, but your “problem” isn’t a problem. It’s a hurdle you can beat with time and effort.

View your mountain for what it really is — a small roadblock you can jump over. If you make situations worse than they truly are, you won’t take action. You might think you want that, the relief of staying where you are, but deep down, you want more. Out of yourself,out of life. The moment you find yourself getting good at one thing, it’s time to push on into unsafe terrain. You crave a challenge. That probably sounds insane, but it’s true. We like it when we have trials to undertake and predicaments to solve. They’re stressful sometimes, but we enjoy how stimulating they are and how hard they make us work. It gives us a sense of fulfillment. Embrace the challenges. Maybe you don’t believe you can do this, but why not? Can you think of a valid reason why you wouldn’t be able to do what you want? You can figure this out. Even when you feel silly and hopeless, you need to push forward. You don’t have to make every problem more challenging than it truly is. Stop making excuses. Take action — any small step you can take — right now. What will it be?

Peace and Love, Jim

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