Preparing for winter, longer dark days, bare trees, Advent. It is the time of the year that we are enveloped in gratitude. It is the season of gratitude.

We become aware of the many gifts of gratitude and gratitude has been described artistically as the memory of the heart. Gratitude is the process where we allow the gifts we have received to touch our hearts and transform our lives. This explains the power of gratitude and how we are all so capable of gratitude. We are open to the gifts we have received. It’s about acknowledging all the things that are right about us, our love, and our lives!

This is the season when we share a meal with those we love. It’s steeped in traditions of food, visits, celebrations, moments and love. It’s sharing, It’s being a community and finding a place for everyone at the table.

Let your hearts be full not only this season but everyday!

Peace and Love, Jim

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