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The nature of the mind is such that it is looking for something to identify with. This makes sense for your survival process but it does not awaken a different dimension of knowing. For that, the most important thing is to not identify with anything. That means what you refer to as “my body” right now is an accumulation of food. What you call as “my mind” is largely impressions accumulated over a period of time. If you have to accumulate all these impressions and this much body, something more fundamental must be there. We have made a mistake in giving too much significance to human thinking.. Whatever we think, it is only happening from the limited data that you have gathered. This data we have gathered, however big we may think it is, is miniscule in terms of the cosmos and is really not of any consequence. The nature of the mind is such that it is looking for something to identify with. This is because human intellect and intelligence has broken out of a certain bond which was there for every other creature, allowing them to function like an automated machine through certain instinctual processes. Through evolution, the human being has broken out of that instinctual process and there is an intelligence which has to function consciously. This means that every moment of life is an exploration which is too scary for many people. So, they identify with something that gives them a sense of what they are. This sense of what you are, helps you to sleep well at night. It does not awaken a different dimension of knowing, nor does it awaken the possibility of exploring dimensions which are not yet within you. If that has to happen, the most important thing is to be able to sit here without being identified with anything. Do not bind your intelligence to any particular thing – such as nationality, religion, race, creed, family, gender, or any kind of identity – simply viewi your life as a piece of the whole. If one does this, then their perception will explode in ways that they could not have imagined possible.
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