I believe that in order for any of us to make a difference in our lives and our world we must in sense do two things – Illuminate our own way and illuminate the way for others in their seeking.

For these mindsets to take root in our life we must be diligent in our presence and perception, so how do we start these seeds? Be the observer. The next time you’re about to lose it, imagine that you’re watching yourself on a movie screen. By stepping outside of a situation before reacting to it, you’ll gain an instant, calming sense of perspective rather than getting caught up in the moment. Work with purpose. Whether you are sorting files or waking dishes do so with attention and focus. Pay close attention to the feeling of the warm water, or the sound of the papers shuffling in their folders. Focusing on your senses keeps you present and aware of what’s happening now.

When we’re present and noticing and observing without judgment, we’re actually in a calmer more focused state. Take a slow breath. Try this the next time you’re stuck in line behind a woman with a fistful of coupons: Breathe in as slowly as possible while thinking, “I am.” Then exhale just as slowly, and think, “at peace.” Repeat as needed until the tension starts to melt—which likely won’t take long. Stress is oftentimes behind us or in front of us, and not actually here and now. But breathing pulls you into the present. Take these three steps in your own life and shine them outwardly, share with others what works, what doesn’t and what differences are realized in both being and becoming. These simple concepts of observation, presence and purpose are truly worthy of us all taking up in some way.
Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them. – Dalai Lama.
Peace and Love, Jim

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