Unstoppable. . .

Many of us put a lot of work into our self-growth  but despite all of that effort and time invested, maybe we don’t feel like we’re getting where we want to go with our life. Still lacking discipline on simple things, still stuck facing the same hardships and problems, still living at a fraction of our potential.

That was me for many years and it was exhausting. The core issue was that everything I was learning wasn’t being implemented even though I thought it was…

When it comes to what we’re learning, we oversaturate ourselves with information, meaning the current infrastructure we have in our lives can’t take in everything we’re giving it. Another way of saying it is you’ve hit your capacity. At any given moment you can only support so many habits, so many intentions, and so many focus points. It’s like a cup filled to the top with water – You can pour more water in the cup but it just flows over. 

That’s exactly what’s happening in our self-growth. We put in the effort to acquire more information, pick up new insights, and search for golden nugget advice hoping it will bring positive change to our lives, only for it to slowly wash away without it being put to use. This is why in our self-growth we experience a plateau. This is feeling stagnant, stuck, and like things aren’t changing. That no matter what we do, what we add, or what we try, we continue to sit at the same level of results.

So if you want to make meaningful changes to your life, you need to expand your capacity. You need to create space for all of this information to go so that it can actually be incorporated into your daily routines, activity, and mindset. A way that you can increase your capacity is to install a new operating system. Similar to how a computer working on an old operating system can only execute certain functions at certain speeds, our self-improvement works the same way. Unless we update our systems, we’ll always be constrained to the limitations we currently have.

And once you do, that’s where everything starts to click. Where all of the lessons and learnings can be put into action, helping you accelerate at the rate you always wish you could! That’s when your previous best becomes your new normal, and you might even feel unstoppable. When you get creative of mind and deed it’s an unstoppable thing. It just keeps coming throughout your entire life.

Peace and Love, Jim

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