Moving forward means leaving some things behind.

Rather than look at moving forward as hard, I propose that we think about choosing what to leave behind, which will create space and room for us to advance. The more ready you are to move forward the easier it is to leave certain things behind.

We are complicated beings. Depending on our vantage point, we may be holding on to a variety of things we no longer need. Some of us hang on to past identities, others to old clothing, mementos and trophies – material things that had meaning years ago but not today. Habits that don’t serve us anymore may also be holding us back.

Moving forward always begins with the difficult moment of letting go.

Letting go is a very difficult process, yet it is very healthy. We must go through these steps carefully, and eventually we will know what to leave behind. Only then can we decide what is next. Failing to process through those emotions can keep us stuck and prevent forward movement

What do you need to leave behind? What should go in your “To Toss” pile? As you mentally sift through a list of your character traits, ask: “How do these traits serve me today? What will help me get to the next chapter of my life? What will move me towards being a better and happier spouse, friend, partner, parent or sibling?”.

As we become more mature and competent individuals, we begin to truly understand that everything will pass. This is why knowing when to keep moving forward is so intimately tied to personal development and emotional maturity. It happens to everyone as they grow. You find out who you are and what you want, and then you realize that people you’ve known forever and habits you’ve clung to are not really steps forward at all. So you keep the wonderful memories, but find yourself moving on one step one day at a time.

Peace and Love, Jim

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