Walk Boldly. . .
We don’t yet fully understand the power that we hold. We have the power to change. The power to overcome. The Power to be brilliant. The power to hope and believe that anything we set our mind to is possible. As I sit here reflecting upon my life and the wisdom that I now use to guide me, I realized something— life is simple. It’s us, the complex beings that we are, who have an innate desire to make life much more difficult than it is. We can’t always change our experiences, but we can sure change the way we deal with them. Disappointments are inevitable, but discouragement is a choice. As you go through this day, may you be inspired, and choose to embrace these simple wisdoms. Live purposely – Wake up confidently everyday knowing that your being here makes a difference. Your presence is the only one  required to brighten up someone else’s day. Don’t stop pursuing your purpose, but find purpose in what you do until them. Love unconditionally – We were created in love, and all people are lovable. By giving away love freely, we are opening up ourselves to receive more  love in return. I don’t always like other peoples actions, but I am learning that people often make choices out of fear or what they think to be the best for them in that moment. Serve others gracefully – One of the purposes for our existence is to serve others. Our gifts and talents are not for us to use to entertain ourselves. We should be using them to serve others. There is great joy to be gained by living a life of service. Walk in peace constantly – No one has the power to steal your joy. Whenever you find that you are not at peace, stop and determine to whom you have given your peace to and take it back. What others do is none of your business, but what you allow them to do to you is your choice. Show gratitude – Always express gratitude for any kindness you have received. Also make it a point of duty to find at least 10 things to be grateful for each day. Live simply: Cut out the clutter and scale down. Your self worth should not be based on quantity, but by the quality of your life. Take action: What is it that you want to achieve? What big goals are you visualizing? Get very clear about what you want to see happen for you and take the necessary actions. The achievement of success is a journey. Success won’t be achieved over night so you have to be diligent and persistent in your efforts. If you don’t quit, over time you will be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Today I walk boldly and courageously, while giving thanks and growing in the knowledge and efforts to be more than I may have realized. Peace and Love, Jim
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