Feeling overwhelmed is directly related to a sense of control. As soon as you feel you are losing control over your time, relationships and life, it can all begin to feel like burdens piling up on your shoulders.
In order to regain your sense of control you have to review the choices that led to the overwhelm.  Include your work projects, your to-do list at home, and the outcomes you are expected to create in your professional, family and social lives.
The consider this……

Be clear on why you are doing what you do. The greatest organizing factor of your life is to be able to answer the question, “For what purpose am I doing this?” Did you say “yes” to a task because you didn’t want to disappoint someone or you were afraid to say no?

These tasks will drain your energy. Instead, look at tasks that energize and ones where the results make you smile. These tasks add up to your personal “why.” You will probably find that your enjoyable tasks are generally focused on:

Making something happen for the greater good.

Assisting others to realize potential or make a difference.

Changing what is not working now.

Your most motivating “why” can change over time. Determine what most fuels your motivation now. Then before you take on a new responsibility, ask yourself if the task or outcome adds to your personal “why.” Don’t just look at what you want to say “no” to. Be clear about why you say “yes” as well.

Peace and Love, Jim

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