It comes out of nowhere and hits you almost anywhere. This realization that time is passing.

A birth announcement from a friend’s now adult children.
Birthday parties for an aging relative. Wrinkles you never had and friends you’ll no longer see.

And you stop. And you wonder. Where has time gone? When did this happen? And the reminder, the sudden awareness of growing and aging and time moving by catches you by surprise.

It steals your breath and stops you in your tracks. So much left to do. So many words left to say. So much living still left to do.
But…then again….so much already experienced.

So many hugs given, laughs shared and moments exchanged. So many dreams imagined and ground covered. So many moments realized and so many changes accomplished into so few years.

And yet we continue to grow into life.

So smile. Be thankful for each moment good or bad. Appreciate how you have been shaped and how you do shape not only your days but the days of others.

Then move on into your days for we will never know the ends of stories, that’s how life works – an ebb and flow that gently shapes the boundaries and redefines the shores of what is and what can be.

Peace and Love, Jim

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