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There are many discussion these days about how life might be different in the future… I often consider more importantantly what will not be different, especially in our relationships with each other. We will still need to learn to value our diversity and how to overcome our differences? Will be still be waging battles over what love is or should be?

At times, that seems like such a huge task. The questions when asked, seem so silly but when examined so vast – What does it mean to be loving? How can I be loving? I often think we ask ourselves difficult questions and we could boil it down to simpler things as, Can I value you? Can I be courteous to you? Can I honor you? Can I treat you with integrity? We think of love as an attitude and at times struggle to have it, but in many ways it is a behavior.

It is what we do.

That to me is loving behavior:  giving back power and honoring the integrity of another. It is valuing who the other is. That is a behavior that says, “love”. You are important. I want to honor you because of this importance. I want to honor your sovereignty. I want to treasure who you are. I will try each and every day not just in mind but in action for we become what we do. 

Peace and Love, Jim

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