Seeds and Gardens. . .

Our past is not our potential. In any given moment, with all the knowledge of our history and the pull to be our best selves, we can liberate the future for not just us but those we walk with.

One by one, we can re-choose, re-think and rediscover. To awaken. To leave the prisons of our conditioning, to know love, to turn not upward or homeward but flow on through.

Awakening brings its own assignments, unique to each of us, chosen with or without knowledge by each of us. Whatever we may think about ourselves, and however long we may have thought about it, we are not just people, lives, faces and moments. We are the seeds, the vines ever growing, ever reaching. We simply need to awaken to patterns of our reach to not be just the seed but the gardener as well.

Peace and Love, Jim

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