Buddhism is wisdom. As long as we have wisdom, we can put all things to the best use; we can turn everything in the direction of greater understanding.

Buddhism’s position has been that the since human psyche is the ultimate source of suffering, the inner life should therefore be the main theatre in which that suffering is addressed.

That position has its merits—certainly if everyone on the planet looked within and aspired to be “a sincere human being” there would be considerably less conflict and woe—but Buddhism’s interaction with the values and struggles of modern societies is still in its early stages. Buddhism, like all religions, comes to us with all its strengths and weaknesses. No-one – not even Buddha has all the answers.

So we live and put our theories to our tests to better understand ourselves and each other. It is within the unity of our universal condition (being human) that we can find the common ground for growth and understanding. That is wisdom.

Peace and Love, Jim

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