Life doesn’t come with an instruction manual and truthfully, I’m glad it doesn’t. It is the mistakes that we make, those paths that we take that help build our character, make us strong and see us through the hard times. If we didn’t have a rough day every once in a while, the good days would mean much less.

Extraordinary people are usually people who have suffered, they have become strong because they had to. We are all born with an inner strength that we often don’t know we have until we have to unleash it. When bad things happen, people will surprise you, love will come from unknown places, embrace it. The only way for us to heal, and to go on living our lives, is to find that strength, and eventually help the next person who needs it. Most of us…… all of us, will need it.

Let your experiences change you for the better, don’t let your loss ever be in vain, and reach out and give the next person a helping hand whenever and where ever you can.

Peace and Love, Jim

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