Balance. . .

We all have wanted and searched for meaning. For many of us that search will continue no matter what. . .

Some describe this as our innate “religious sense,” perhaps a product of our evolution. Whether you believe we make meaning, or we were made by something of higher meaning, we humans have always sought to grasp at that which lies in the intangible plane of existence. Of course, the answers to this question are particular to different traditions. But the point is that there is something emotional, neuro-chemical, or perhaps indescribable in terms of a connection humans seek to create with a realm that we cannot see, hear, or touch.

Religion, though it aims to capture what lies beyond this life, isn’t a distraction from — and does not necessarily serve to detract from — this life. Many scholars embrace religious systems and look to something larger than themselves both mentally and spiritually. Transcendence evokes finding meaning beyond one’s material conditions and outside of society, and a calling to engage in society according to certain values. As a result, organized religions can represent a central source of personal meaning and purpose for many. They can also be bastardized and manipulated to force ethos and systems on others.

Like all of life religion IS about balance. Increasingly, however, we seem to be sensing out: feeling lost, apathetic, and missing a sense of balance, especially when we have never formally defined balance or we are simply too tired to really pursue it. 

Balance isn’t passive, it’s not just going to happen for you if you aren’t intentional about it. We often use images of women in relaxing poses to visualize “balance,” and while adding in that practice may be a byproduct of what balance looks like to you, understand that it takes active mental participation to get you there. You need to first believe that you deserve balance, and then set an intentional course to get you there.

Peace and Love, Jim

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