Authenticity is about the choice to show up and be real and honest. It’s about letting your true self be seen, it’s about being a warm, down-to earth and honest human being. You are your most authentic self when you let go of who you think you’re supposed to be and embrace who you are.

If you want to be your authentic self, you have to cultivate the courage to be imperfect, to set boundaries and to allow yourself to be vulnerable. Being authentic is about keeping a connection with yourself, and not live by the standards imposed by today’s society to fit in, play it safe, to stop feeling and start earning, and to give up on meaningful connections by only being connected online.

Sometimes when you show your most vulnerable side, some people will criticize you. Haters gonna hate. But never forget that cruelty is cheap, easy and rampant. And it’s also cowardly, especially when people attack and criticize anonymously. So, don’t shrink, don’t puff up, stand on your sacred ground. Have the courage to be a congruent person. As you will soon see, courage is contagious and by practicing courage you’ll soon be surrounded by courageous people, no matter what haters say.

Healthy striving for progress is based on the question How can I improve, perfectionistic tendencies are focused more on What will others think. In the end, perfectionism rarely leads to success, more often to crippling depression, anxiety, addiction and life-paralysis. You should always remember that you are not what you accomplish and how well you accomplish it. Your self-worth should never be connected to achievements. And there is no such thing as perfection, since it’s impossible to control how others perceive you. We should never be ashamed or shame anyone trying to live and be their own personal best. We all have our moments of both weakness and strength so we never should b ashamed of either.

So simply be – laugh, sing and dance your way through these days. Laughter, singing and dance are ways to emotionally and spiritually connect with others and with forces greater than one’s life. These three activities can help you find comfort, celebration, inspiration, healing, and the notion that you’re not alone. Happy and joyful people laugh, sing, dance, accept and be.

Peace and Love, Jim

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