Stillness is something we are almost taught to avoid, yet it is the higher state of a developed mind.

Going into the silence is like taking a bath in pure, white light – it clears you, calms you and quiets you; and it helps you manage the stress of normal everyday life. It’s in the silence that we have our greatest opportunity to access the power of grace.

The idea of spending time in silence and stillness runs contrary to the messages we receive from the world around us. Instead, we’re rewarded for our ability to multitask, and to be productive, fast and efficient. This is exactly why so many people feel spiritually restless.

The more you make stillness a priority, the sooner you’ll be released from the fear and anxiety that come from living in an uncertain, ever-changing world. Over time you’ll come to realize that the peace and joy you seek can only be found within – in that very special place in your heart that speaks the voice of your soul.

Peace and Love, Jim

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