Flex. . .
Nobody’s perfect. Nor is there a perfect living environment where everything will be just the way you want it. It seems to me that you may be setting impossibly high standards for yourself. … You are then trying to make everything measure up to these unrealistic standards. But reality invariably never quite matches our ideal vision or image. So you end up finding fault with everything, adding to your despair and amplifying your discontent. This is called “perfect moment syndrome” and it affects us more than we often see or understand. We elevate our state of life by looking and tapping into the enlightened nature of our lives. Developing a daily rhythm of learning and understanding allows us to forge the state of Buddhahood in our lives. The reality of our lives can be difficult, so we work daily to ensure we feel confident and ready to face the day—no matter what happens. When thinking about the attitude to take toward our “perfect moment,” we should remind ourselves to have a flexible mind:
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