There are four thoughts that turn the mind to the Dharma:

Thinking about appreciating the precious human life.

Thinking about death and impermanence, that the opportunities that we have now with this precious existence are not going to last.
Thinking about the laws of karma and cause and effect, in other words how our behavior affects what we experience.
Thinking about the disadvantages of samsara, of uncontrollably recurring rebirth.

If we appreciate the opportunities that we have now with this precious human life and if we recognize and acknowledge the fact that this life is not going to last and that we are going to die sometime, if we recognize that our behavior is going to shape our experience in this life and also after we die in future lives, and if we realize that no matter what we experience in the future, because it will arise from behaving from confusion, will have a lot of difficulties and troubles, then we will turn our minds to the Dharma.

Peace and Love, Jim

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