Four-ward. . .

Everybody goes through big life changes and has to face a new chapter in life. As we grow, our situations change, we grow, and, as a result, the next chapter in life begins.

How you handle big life changes and new chapters beginning in your life is essential to your happiness, mindset, and growth. Let’s talk about how to handle the beginning of the next chapter in life with grace, success, and positivity.

Let go of the past – The first (and most important) step in a new beginning in life is letting go of the past. It is nearly impossible to grow if you are holding yourself back where you used to be. Instead, you have to accept the past and understand that you are moving forward.

Visualize your next chapter – In order to begin a new chapter of your life successfully, you should have some idea of what your hopes are. Every time a new chapter of life begins, I like to sit down and visualize my next chapter. When you have a clear image of what you are wanting, you are more likely to achieve it.

Evaluate – This is an essential step after visualizing your goals for this new chapter. You HAVE to be real with yourself and evaluate where you are at. This includes your habits, your routines, your mindset, your health. Understanding where you are right now will help you understand where you need to work to get yourself where you WANT to be. Meet yourself where you are at, then work from there.

Accept Change and move forward with it – With all that, embracing this change can be easier said than done. It’s really common to feel a bit out of control or lost during these times of transition. That is okay! All that means is that you can lean on some support a little bit more. Whether this is a really strong support system or some comforting habits, you need to find a form of comfort during the transition to your new chapter in life.

Peace and Love, Jim

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