Hope. . .

Hope is not a destination but rather an awakening to what’s possible inside you.

Often we’re looking for something outside of ourselves to solve our problems or to take care of us, which is a natural human tendency when we’re in need,” they said. Spiritual hope is trusting in what you already have, a process of watering the metaphorical seeds within to cultivate personal growth. It’s about trusting and having faith in our own inner resources so that no matter what’s happening out there, it’s not going to throw us off.

Spiritual hope is a process of recognizing the innate goodness within you and how you relate to what’s happening around you. This practice is maybe the only thing that human beings have any control over. One of my favorite quotes from the Buddha is, ‘we are what we think…with our thoughts, we create the world,’

If you see the world as a friendly place, you’ll experience the world in a much friendlier manner. If you see it as an evil and awful place, that’s what you will be noticing more of in daily experiences. Its our unconscious mind that often frames our moments and days.

Awakening to the power of hope is a process of learning to see clearly, discerning what matters to you most, and aligning your life accordingly. Remember that the path toward growth and healing is nonlinear. It’s a constant practice of learning, forgetting, and remembering. Change is possible — but only when we are willing.

Hope is like the sun, which, as we journey toward it, casts the shadow of our burden behind us.

Peace and Love, Jim

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