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Playing is just as important for adults as it is for children. Among its many benefits, adult play can boost your creativity, sharpen your sense of humor, and help you cope better with stress.

Anything you do recreationally that brings you joy or excitement counts as playing, whether it’s getting stuck into a video game, playing sports, collecting stamps, or writing short stories in your spare time.

As adults we have a few benefits with thinking about and engaging life with playful ways. The National Institute for Play, has identified eight “play personalities” that can help you find out what kinds of play work best for you:

The Collector: You enjoy building collections, such as collecting stamps or vintage cars.

The Competitor: You enjoy playing (and winning) games with specific rules, like playing for a neighborhood soccer league.

The Creator or Artist: You find joy in making things, or making things work. You might enjoy doodling, woodworking, decorating, fixing machinery, or sewing.

The Director: You enjoy planning and directing, like hosting themed birthday parties.

The Explorer: You play by discovering something new, either physically (a new place) or mentally. You might play by going on a vacation to a new place or discovering a new type of music.

The Joker: You enjoy being silly and foolish. You might enjoy improv theatre or simply making your friends laugh.

The Kinesthete: You enjoy moving your body as play. You might practice yoga or take a dance class for fun.

The Storyteller: You play by listening to or creating stories. You might enjoy going to the theater or writing in a journal.

Play has numerous benefits for adults’ physical and mental health, including helping us feel more supported, be more physically active, and have more life satisfaction. As adults, we often don’t play nearly enough — but with the right intention, you can begin to bring more play into your life. Whatever style of play works for you, know that making time for it can have substantial benefits for your mental and physical well-being.

Peace and Love, Jim

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