Jump Start. . .

I don’t know much about how cars work, but I’m definitely aware of some of the things that cause them not to work. One of the most common issues people have with cars is they have a dead battery. Whether that be because someone made a mistake and left the headlights on overnight, negligence because the car wasn’t maintained well, or general wear and tear, having a dead battery renders the car non-functional.

What’s fascinating though is how a car is capable of producing its own energy but it loses that ability with a dead battery. It has so much wasted potential because it cannot self-start and initiate the process that could fix it. However, a small outside spark is all it takes to kick the engine into gear so that it can return to its normal energy producing processes.

I believe there’s a similar process within ourselves, but instead of it being useful when we’re out of electricity, an outside force can help to reignite our self-belief. 

We intrinsically have the ability to create more self-belief. We can take action in ways that drive results, build our confidence, and demonstrate our value. But in the face of a major setback or failure, sometimes we find ourselves completely drained of self-belief and incapable of restoring it.

This is where an outside spark comes in. All it takes is a little encouragement, a small pick me up to jumpstart your self-belief and get you back on a better path. We need more people in the world seeking out opportunities to help each other. We need more people seeing the good in others that they fail to see themselves. And the more people that are being uplifted, the more people that are available to spark other people’s self belief to create a more empowered world.

There may be someone in your life who is struggling. Someone who needs to be seen, acknowledged, and supported. Something so simple as checking in on them, telling them you love them, telling them you’re grateful for them and how much they mean to you could be the tiny spark that they’ve been missing.

My encouragement to you is to be that person that helps others, in big and small ways, to make the world a better place. Think about a text you can send or a phone call you can make to someone who might need it, and share your goodness with them right now!

Peace and Love, Jim

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