Today. . .

There’s one day in our lives when everything starts to click. It’s when we finally start to get consistent with the habits and routines that are best for us. It’s the day that our attitude permanently shifts. It’s the day that we stop being so busy and start having more balance. It’s the day that we start living by our own design.

Do you know what day that is? 


Our best intentions, healthy choices, new beginnings – They always seem to have a start date of tomorrow. But the problem with tomorrow is it’s the day that never comes. Tomorrow will always be one day away, and there’s nothing you can do about it. 

Except this…

Do you know what today is? “Today is yesterday’s tomorrow”, and that means something wonderful for us. All of those things that we want, that are important to us, and that we’ve been putting off for tomorrow… Their time has come. It means we don’t need to wait to live the life that we want to. We officially have permission to do it today.

Stop putting your hopes, actions and attitudes off for one day, you can begin pursuing them right now and make today that day.

But in order to do this, it requires two things. First, it requires that you know what you want. Sometimes we’re so deep into how things are right now that we have a hard time seeing how things could be. We need to be aware of what different and better even looks like if we want to go create it.

Then the second requirement is, you need to know what to do something right now that puts you on the path toward achieving it. Once you put some real action behind something you want, achieving it is no longer a possibility, it becomes a probability. This means that there becomes a real, actual chance that it could happen, whereas before it was just a fantasy.

Every single day another tomorrow comes and goes because “today is yesterday’s tomorrow”. And if you’re tired of waiting for things to change and realizing that’s why they never do, let me give you a real thing you can do today to make your dream life not so much of a fantasy, but a potential reality that you’re actively pursuing – start today.

Peace and Love, Jim

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