Less is More. . .

Minimalism clears not only your space but also your mind and time. In order to start developing any new habit, you need to develop it gradually. 

I advise starting with a 30-day minimalism challenge. This challenge will make you question different parts of your life and slowly bring you into the minimalist mindset. After you complete the challenge you will be able to decide for yourself if minimalism is something that you want to pursue in the future. This challenge is also a great way to quickly minimize parts of your life.

The simple method to starting your minimalism:

Reduce clutter both physically and mentally – whatever it takes to pare down your thoughts, your home and your habits, begin here.

Sit/meditate in a clean and simple space – start by just meditating on the concepts of less and more. Try to separate these two energies and identify where they overlap.

Embrace yourself and not your stuff – You are the key. You are the magic. You and only you can live with less and learn to love it more.

Focus on what’s important and stop wasting time with distractions. Learn how to prioritize tasks in order to stop working so much and be more efficient. Remember the things we own often own us so minimize the objects and possessions in order to find the simple and profound beauty and strength of you.

Peace and Love, Jim

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