Love, Evil & Curiosity. . .

Being curious about what else greater is possible addresses the basic goodness of creation. It reveals that the foundation of all things is love. Evil can only destroy what has already been created. Love creates without end. Evil is a chaotic or incoherent expression of love, and as the infinite love creation rolls on, those chaotic expressions dissipate into the harmony of cosmic order. Thus, by looking at concepts and asking open-ended questions, we allow the love creation to create more of itself into existence for all to feel and enjoy.

Because we’ve all been burned, sometimes badly, by our misapplied curiosity, we suppress it. Just as in “curiosity killed the cat”, we set up a red hazardous area warning about asking for something greater, or even questioning the status quo. We end up in a predictable comfort zone, content to find more ways of keeping it that way. It is a sort of crisis of faith, as we lose the desire to be curious about the potential greatness of our life. And if we get a glimpse of something greater, we don’t believe it, turning our focus back to our comfortable pod.

Faith is superseded by curiosity, and this is why it is a superpower. Faith requires sustained belief in something, whereas curiosity only requires remaining in the question. It is immune to circumstances that would otherwise disprove the expectations of faith. The only expectation of curiosity is that there is something greater. And in this way, we plug directly in to the loving heart of curiosity without end. It is our greatest superpower and guess what? We each have it. . . in fact we were born with it – The task is to awaken to it and grow with it.

Peace and Love, Jim

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