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Life coaches often say if you’re not growing, you’re probably dying — which is why growth is addictive to most of us. We tend to feel fulfilled only when we are improving ourselves or our lives in some way. Everything in life is urging us to grow. When we stop growing for whatever reason, we start to feel fear, pain and anxiety. We become susceptible to envy as we observe others around us and begin to notice they have things that we don’t have. Instead of focusing on our life purpose, we begin to yearn for material wealth, power and status. However, all those things eventually leave us feeling empty. When you are asking what your purpose is in life, you are really wanting to track your progress — something that will give you a true sense of fulfillment. Because fulfillment isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity.

There are several benefits to knowing your purpose but how do you find it? You can do so by combining the art of fulfillment with the science of achievement. To build a life of purpose, you must first master this balance. All the answers you need are within you. The only thing holding you back are your own limiting beliefs. With every limiting belief you identify and replace with an empowering one, you nurture yourself and develop greater self-awareness. Remember you are in control of your life when you’re in control of your emotions so give yourself some long term goals.

If you focus on achieving short-term goals, neither will you find your true passions nor will you find your life purpose. The goals you work toward must be based on finding your purpose. If they are not, you will only experience a fleeting sense of accomplishment and then be seeking something else. You won’t be able to appreciate how life is happening for you and not to you. We are each given this beautiful opportunity called life, unfortunately many of us are unsure what to do with that gift or why we should do more than just survive it (yes this is true). Its a mindset game and we should learn how to master the rules.

When you develop an abundance mindset, you open your eyes to life. You begin to see beauty and goodness everywhere. With this new perspective, your life purpose becomes much clearer. You question less about how to find your purpose as you find more answers that indicate you are on the path to achieving meaningful goals. When we focus on the things we have, abundance appears as fear disappears. You’ll stop living in fear and thinking you’re wasting your life. You’ll begin to attract positivity and joy instead. Therefore, finding your life purpose becomes an exciting journey rather than a stressful goal.

True fulfillment is a result of you designing your life. This is how the extraordinary is unraveled. To find your purpose, you must decide what’s right for you and know that in your heart and soul. You must not let fear or anxiety drive you. Remember that a decision made from fear is usually the wrong decision. It will not help you discover your life purpose but instead confuse you even more. To take ownership, you have to stop being the victim. Recognize that every circumstance in your life is a result of your own choices. When you take responsibility for finding the purpose of your life instead of blaming others, fulfillment follows.

Finding your purpose is a lifelong journey. Being flexible helps you grow with integrity as you continue to be true to yourself. When you stop seeking external validation and develop your core values, you’ll see that the existential questions are much easier to answer. You will find yourself centered, strong and most importantly understanding your purpose.

Peace and Love, Jim

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