Which Way?

In my World Religions class while in college a fellow student asked why we as humans need the promise of something more? Basically the role of most religions in the world are based on the premise of this concept. Our professor took minute and in his typical stoic fashion offered us this:

There are two paths of sacrifice. The first is taken by the person who mortifies the flesh and pays penance because they believes that we are condemned through the flesh. The person who follows this path feels guilty and judges himself and others as unworthy of living happily on this planet in this moment.

The second path is taken by the person who, even though they know that the world is not as perfect as we would like, understands the double edge of this life, does their best and offers up their time and toil to improve the world around them. They understands that the word sacrifice comes from “sacro ofício,”loosely translated as holy work. In this case their efforts, attention and practice help them in each moment and they live a life richer in meaning for themselves and others.

We can appreciate the beauty and opportunity of living this life so turn your obstacles into opportunities and your problems into possibilities.

Peace and Love, Jim

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