In my life and my own personal experience: people who embrace failure are the ones who are most likely to succeed in the long run. It is often the mindset of the brave (in terms of taking personal challenges) that take strategic risks and they’re willing to be vulnerable, which are two key components for growth.

Learn from the example of these people, and when possible, reach out to them as mentors, ask questions – You did this amazing thing – you took a lot of calculated risk. Tell me what that felt like for you. What have you learned along the way? Approaching failure with a sense of openness and appreciation for the tenacity it takes to forge a new path sets the foundation for lifelong learning.

There are so many ways to grow. And the most important thing is that you find the ways to grow that work best for you and put them into practice as often as possible. By honing your skills and taking risks, you’ll set the stage for powerful opportunities to grow in your life by leaps and bounds.

Peace and Love, Jim

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