We need to experience something directly in order to really learn what it’s about. This is wisdom, as opposed to knowledge much like you’d acquire in a class at school, a parrot-like type of learning that serves as a nice basis for establishing the necessary foundation for certain larger tasks, but which can serve little real use elsewhere particularly in advancing your well-being. Life can offer us some of the best lessons for learning if we put ourselves out there and live without fear of mistakes or looking foolish.

The lessons we are given can be anything – any undeniable life truth which can be discovered through a life devoted to looking within yourself. It can be said that this life is the greatest class we can ever attend, but we should not view to as school is in or school is over. We should simply embrace our days and take our steps. When we falter we can learn something, just as riding a bike required a few a few falls and a scuffed knee or two. Once mastered though, riding that bike put the wind in our face along with a smile.

So live, take your steps and mount the proverbial bicycle. Gather your courage and do not fear the bruise and scrapes you are sure to encounter as you learn to ride. Your journey is always just beginning and when you learn to stay balanced you cruise along with the spirit and attitude of a master.

Peace and Love, Jim

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