Our perception of our reality is based on our beliefs. Our beliefs are the lens we see the world. When we wear an orange lens, everything would have a tint of orange. Whatever bit of orange that’s out there would become magnified. On the other hand, even if there’s no orange in some places, we would see orange in them, because that’s the base color of our lens.

So let’s say if we have a desire to be more hardworking but are not working on that, we would tend to notice people who are lazy and feel frustrated at them. The fact is, we are just feeling frustrated at ourselves for skiving around when we should be working harder. Our annoyance at others is a reflection of our annoyance with ourselves.

The cue then is to get our own act together and put more effort into what we do. Reflect the annoyance into yourself, and work on becoming better in that area in your life.

Or say, we have an unresolved issue from childhood, where our parents were oppressive in the way they brought us up. This led us to a lot of pent up emotions, leading to aversion toward oppression in life. Hence, whenever we come across people who impose themselves on us, we’d feel annoyed – because it triggers those unresolved issues.

So if we can see that our annoyances both large and small exist only because we have those values within ourselves we begin to see a picture picture in which we can identify things that we should work on within our own lives. We cannot polish that which we do not see and understand so the next time you are annoyed by something or someone take a few minutes and reflect upon your own life. Do you have some way large or small those annoying qualities? Focus your lens inward and you will creates something both beautiful and beneficial for all.

Peace and Love, Jim

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