Roadblocks To Wisdom – Avoiding Failure. . .

When we feel pain, embarrassment or humiliation from our biggest mistakes in life, the easier response seems to be to shut out the negative feelings altogether and attempt to move beyond them.

However, ignoring these failures rather than looking at and growing from them will only lead to them reoccurring in the future, bringing us a similar pain – possibly worse since we had the opportunity to absolve it in the first time. Practice mindfulness and embrace those feelings, no matter how uncomfortable they may be. Work with them and through them, and learn as much as you can from the process.

Success may increase confidence, but it rarely, if ever, builds wisdom. Only failure can do that, and only if we let it. One of the great rewards of reaching the later years of my life is that I’ve given up on perfection and learned to welcome the grace of failure. The humility and compassion it brings open us up, help us learn, grow wise and move on.

Peace and Love, Jim

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