Roadblocks To Wisdom – Judgment. . .

Preconceived notions about the world and all that it encompasses are like locks on the door to personal wisdom.

Whether you rely on first impressions, blindly stick by the ideas of others or approach life with a closed mind, you miss some of the most important and beautiful lessons lying just beneath the surface of things. Today, there is too much judgment and too little wisdom in our lives. 

Far too often in this world wisdom is equated with knowledge. I will say the two concepts are certainly intertwined, but if one is honored more than the other are blindly followed without reason the wisdom scale tips in the wrong direction. Wisdom explains the meaning and purpose of a belief or deed, without which they become empty, formulaic acts. The question of “why” takes precedence over the questions of “what” and “how.”

Living empathetically, connecting with others and your surroundings rather than judging them allows you to learn far more from every interaction and experience, thus enhancing your personal wisdom. If you open your eyes a little wider, the thoughts in your mind will follow.

Peace and Love, Jim

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