To choose how you want to show up, you need to be aware of what is going on inside your head as well as what is happening around you. This level of attention requires you to be cognitively aware.

When you pay attention to others, you suspend your judgment and idea creation to take in what others are saying. You notice how they are reacting to your words through their gestures and expression of emotions. If you are curious to learn more, you will ask questions to better understand how they are defining the situation and the challenges they see, what they need in the moment, and what they might resolve to achieve their desires.

You can also pay attention to what is going on your mind while you listen, checking in with your thoughts without losing focus on others. You want to notice if a judgment creeps in, or if you are impatiently waiting to give your opinion. You can then choose to set aside your ideas and opinions to remain outwardly attentive, or share your thoughts if you think they will move the conversation forward in a positive direction.

Being consciously aware means you can be inwardly alert while being outwardly aware. Open your mind with curiosity. Open your heart with gratitude compassion, and hope. Open your gut with courage. You will better sense what you need and will appreciate that you are listening and caring so deeply about your mindset and how it shapes your days.

Peace and Love, Jim

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