Silence is traditionally associated with truthfulness. This belief derives from Zen Buddhism and it is deeply felt as a fundamental value in everyday life.

Furthermore, Buddhism stresses the emptiness of natural phenomena: if this concept is applied to silence, it becomes clear that there is no difference between speech and absence of speech and this is particularly evident in Buddhist chants.

Kiji mo nokazuba utaremai. (Silence keeps one safe.)
Mono ieba kuchibiru samushi aki no kaze. (It is better to leave many things unsaid.)
Zen Buddhism stresses wordless insight more than most other traditions in Buddhism and this sutra is a good example for this and it shows the origins of the wordless teachings of Zen.

Through silence one can discover the truth within oneself and others and understand one’s own personality and role in the world, achieving a profound wisdom and consciousness about the world.

Peace and Love, Jim

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