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Improving your life and your situation is always at the forefront of everyone’s minds, but it can also be detrimental to our health and happiness if we pursue those goals without a break. One way I love to stay grounded and to slow life down is to look for the simple joys in my life. Life’s simple pleasure, small joys… whatever you want to call them, these small moments in life are there to remind you to come back to earth.

We can smell things, taste things, feel emotions, and have memories. … It is like the sun in that it shines on everyone without discrimination. It is like a mirror in that it is willing to reflect anything without accepting or rejecting. These simple moments show you that it’s okay to not be chasing goals at every second of every day. They are short and fleeting, and they help you remember to not take your life for granted.

Simple joys are also full of nature and the seasons. The passing of time and honoring each season is a tradition that has been long lost. It’s time you bring it back into your life. Stop to give pause and notice these amazing simple joys of life in the world around you.

May you find these feelings of joy all around you! May you always live happy, healthy, and simple!

Peace and Love, Jim

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