Steering. . .
At the deepest level, Buddhism views existence as marked by perpetual change. Embracing Impermanence is vital to lasting peace of mind amidst life’s unpredictable nature. Everything that has a beginning contains the seed of its ending—and this flux applies to relationships, achievements, possessions, our bodies, roles, and all self-concepts. There are many small ways to practice embodying Impermanence, such as reflecting on the temporary state of an emotion whenever overwhelmed. Or she is pondering the aging process while looking into a mirror. Shifting perspective from assuming stability to recognizing the truth of change reduces suffering. It grants freedom to appreciate every present moment. We cling to things as if they won’t change, but change is the nature of reality. When we embrace impermanence, we prepare ourselves for big changes, and are able to let go of our fear and anxiety to become more fully present to those around us, to make the most meaningful choices day-to-day, and to more deeply appreciate life’s fleeting pleasures. When you understand impermanence, you become more capable of consciously steering the mind’s power, of seizing opportunities, of letting go of strong fears, regrets, attachments, and conflicts. You become more open to the power in the present moment, and grow your ability to deeply connect with yourself and with others. It’s hard to think of a better time than right now to cultivate these qualities, to use a proven contemplative tool that steers our mind away from fear and anxiety toward confident presence and purposeful action.
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