I spent many years as a life coach and health professional. My mission was to always meet people where they were in life both mentally and physically.  My always optimistic attitude was often greeted with mindsets that were less than ideal, mindsets that had been set back a notch and yes mindsets that were already defeated.

We often hear people say they aren’t capable. But this is a defeatist attitude. If you feel you aren’t capable, then tap into the great reservoir of potential that lies inside you. Since we embrace “what is” instead of “what was”, we have recourse to greater understanding and compassion for ourselves, our efforts and others. If we simply try to move forward one step at a time and we fortify those steps with compassion and understanding, we can bring forth all the ability and strength we will ever need to not only take the next step but to move beyond the confines of the mind and step into our own light.

Peace and Love, Jim

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