Turn Around. . .

I was once asked what is the best medicine for a better life? That’s a big question so I thought for a moment and my response was much simpler than first imagined – attitude.

Attitude is everything! It shifts your perspective to your circumstances which in turn affects how you view your own life.

What is your attitude to life? Most people are in the habit of complaining or seeing the negative ( which is the natural untrained mind). Some people complain they don’t have enough money to pursue their dreams. Others claim where they were born or grew up limited their chances of achieving their dreams. Still others are more focused being jealous or envious of the success of others.

We should be thinking how we can take charge and be in control of our life rather than let the circumstances dictate our life. It’s time we stopped complaining and started taking actions towards achieving what we always complain we don’t have. It’s time we picked ourself up and started living and acting  for our dreams, rather than feeling sorry for ourself.

The difference between accomplishing and crying is nothing more than our attitude to life. Success is optimists and failing without effort is pessimistic; Its the old proverbial see the glass as half full or see it half empty. Nobody has it all. So, I want you to change your attitude and start seeing life from a very positive perspective rather than have a negative outlook on life. You’re what you see. . Achievers have always had a positive outlook on life and you have the power to spin a positive story over your own life.

So to change your situation and turn your life around, you need to:

Change Your Mindset – First, you need to change your mindset. You need to start seeing life and things around you from a positive perspective.

Set Goals for Yourself – You need to start working on your dreams. Set goals for yourself with timelines and have a clear action plan to achieve these goals. 

Work Hard – Start working hard towards achieving your goals. Winners are never lazy. They roll their sleeves up their elbows and get their hands dirty. They don’t just fold their arms and expect things to work out.

Celebrating Achievers – Start celebrating achievers rather than being jealous of them. Celebrate and wish them well. When you wish people well, good things happen to you too. Help the people around you. When you help someone get what they want, you get what you want too.

Look for Mentors – Look for mentors. Look for those that have already achieved what you’re trying to achieve and learn from them.

When you do all these and start having the right attitude to life, you’ll have access to all the beautiful things of life you have always wanted. So I say to you, Start now; Start simple. Start by changing your mindset and follow up with all the steps discussed here and see how you will turn your life around for the best.

Peace and Love, Jim

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