I find writing helps me a lot. Once I put my words to tablet I can sort out my thoughts much better!

The number one issue with feeling overwhelmed is to simply freeze and do nothing (or run away and do nothing).

I write a master list of everything I’ve got to do. Its a big list but its also an ongoing list where I capture the many things large and small that need my attention. I then look at the days needs and my own abilities for that day (our abilities from day to day can vary) and pick three things of high priority to do that day. This helps me to put panic and emotional responses in place and just get three things done – which is a reasonable and responsible approach to each days callings.

Studies show that when we adopt a can-control mindset, we see meaningful and lasting differences in our wellbeing, health, and performance. You might find the following mantra helpful: “be proactive, not reactive.”

Peace and Love, Jim

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