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When making any decision in your life, you are using three different parts of your being: your head, your heart, and your hands. Each aspect affects every moment of your day, but unfortunately, sometimes we forget to use them all together, or we forget about them entirely. When you don’t use one, none of the others will work for you and you will find you are unrelentingly stuck in unhappiness.

The head, heart, and handwork beautifully together when there’s a conscious knowing that they do and if we have an ongoing practice to awaken the different parts. Let’s be honest: many people walk around the world very unconscious. They’re not conscious of what they’re eating, the decisions they’re making, what they choose to invest their career in, the partners they choose, and so forth. It’s time for us to reclaim our consciousness and reconnect with ourselves, starting with reacquainting ourselves with our head, heart, and hand.

The Heart – We need all three of these components to reach our highest selves, but as the physical heart is the first part of us that starts to grow in the mother’s womb, we first must understand and learn to build our connection with our heart, with our sense of knowing that intuition or gut instinct. Once we do, we can start to work on resolving any blockages, barriers, and borders within our psychology and mindset.

The Head – After reawakening our heart, there needs to be an element of embodiment where, once we’ve made active decisions based on insights and experience, we run it through our logical brain. We can be very connected to our head, be intellectually smart, even work on some of our wounds, but have no connection to our heart or intuition. We would go through life making logical, smart decisions but not necessarily making choices that align with our hearts or look after our physical health. This is the game of the head.

The Heart – For our hand or body, we should be doing practices like yoga, breathwork, and certain somatic practices to ensure that our physical body that holds the consciousnesses of the brain and the heart is performing as best as it can. A body that performs these exercises will not hold onto the muscle memory effects of trauma. Have you ever noticed that animals respond to a traumatic experience by shaking their bodies? When a cat or a dog has been chased, the first thing they do once they’re safe is shake the trauma out of their system to ensure it doesn’t get stuck in their body. We must do the same for our body so all three systems can work together optimally.

So use your heart every single day in every single decision you encounter. Use your head to sit with the decisions of my heart and to understand how you can best express them in a way that others will understand. Then use your hands to physically take action and put these thoughts, these dreams into creation, because until there’s action applied, they’re nothing more than a thought. They’re nothing more than energy or a feeling until we take action

Because I have learned to use my head, heart, and hand together, I’ve found a happiness and a completeness that allows me to live my best, complete life, and accomplish any dream. It’s now your turn.

Peace and Love, Jim

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