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What you resist persists.

If you constantly think about something, you are subconsciously drawing it into your life experience. You are magnetizing it through your thinking. It’s the “law of attraction.” You amplify more of what you don’t want, by focusing so much on it. That’s why people say worrying about something is not going to solve your problem.

We are all going to have down moments and tough times but we have to keep our focus up and on the mission. Use those down moments to pay attention to the many things large and small that are swaying your day. Focusing on what you DO want, will do just that…help it come into focus. Find the good in your situation, and center your energy all around it.

Keeping our heads in the game and our thoughts and engines up is no easy feat. Its a mindset game and as buddhists we know the value of our mindsets. Mindset is about the way you perceive things. Is your glass half empty or half full? If you begin with the idea that you will always need more, or that you are lacking a specific skill, then you will never see your goals. Shift your mindset to think about what you DO have, what positive things have already happened, and how you can develop what you already have, however small. When you operate in a mind of abundance, rather than lack, you’re already ahead of the game and moving in the right direction – up!

Peace and Love, Jim

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