Vajrayana. . .
We have many types and practices of Buddhism. My two types of studies have been Vajrayana Buddhism and Theravada Buddhism. The starting point in Vajrayana Buddhism is an enlightened world view, one that affirms our spiritual nature, and the spiritual nature of all of our ancestry, and our world. This is how it can function as a spiritual path. It is a view that includes the understanding of samsara and liberation, delusion, the six realms, and enlightenment, and Buddha Activity; There are angels, and saints, and Buddhas and bodhisattvas everywhere, pervading all conscious life; Our inherent Buddha Nature has traditionally been described as being ‘like oil in sesame’, or ‘like butter in milk’, as it’s said, ‘only needing to be churned’ to reveal what is within. The meaning is that we need only practice the teachings to know these things for ourselves. If you ask, What is a Buddha? and, What is Buddha Activity? we can look at mythology, art and iconography –Manjushri illumines, and cuts through illusion. Avalokiteshvara with one thousand arms, each with a different implement, shows us something of the innate creativity of our compassion; The Healing Buddha cures all sorrow and affliction; And Tara, ever youthful, quick to respond, fearless, bold, protects us like a mother, and awakens fresh energy and enthusiasm – all these bodhisattvas, and more, inspire faith. As I see it, the difference between the Theravada and the Vajrayana then, is that in the Varjayana these are not just stories. They are realities we can know and actualize. We ourselves can become Manjushri. We can become Buddhas and Taras. The Vajrayana then also makes use of its View, and its Meditation, and Action. It takes up the practices of Sila, Samadhi, and Prajna, ethics, calm and insight, and compared to other traditions, to my thinking, it does so with a deeper understanding, and with far more resources to draw from.
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