Wisdom. . .

Wisdom is something everyone wants to claim yet few truly embody and embrace. Like faith, hope, and love, wisdom is a word that we causally and freely throw around, assuming we know what it means and how to achieve it. Yet if we are even slightly off in our calculations, like GPS coordinates that are ever so slightly misdirected, what begins as a small deviation from the way of wisdom will eventually lead us in an entirely new direction. 

Wisdom is not simply a mental knowledge of the truth but it is the integration of that knowledge into the whole of our lives. Wisdom is the knowledge of what is and how to work with it. Above all else, wisdom is characterized by not simply by what you know but what knowing means when life gets blurry. To be a wise person there is balance between what is, what can be and what will be – then working with each in the best capacity possible with grace and humility.

Humility is not thinking less of yourself but it is thinking about yourself less. This is a crucial distinction. It is entirely possible to retain an appropriate sense of self-worth and dignity, rejoicing in the fact that you are able to understand and apply wisdom, while at the same time exhibiting the humility of not knowing everything or every detail of life many moments. We do so when we see our dignity, not as a source of pride, but a gift to be given away and the strength needed to love and serve others. As we learn to do this, day in and day out, we will discover what it means to live a wise life!

Peace and Love, Jim

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