In these current times we are all going to experience difficulty and moments of doubt. We must remember that these moments are important for they contrast all that is good, they remind us to appreciate the small moments we have the victories we find within them. Here are three tips to help you overcome and learn from such moments

1. Plan Activities You Enjoy

Perhaps the most important step to the Behavioral Activation treatment method is to plan activities that are enjoyable and/or significant to us. Depression can make it hard for us to feel motivated to do the things we value, so it’s important that we learn to make time for ourselves so that we can establish a sense of purpose and fulfillment. It’s best to plan activities which produce some sort of reward which we enjoy. For example, planting seeds to grow a garden.

2. Take it Step by Step

When planning these activities it’s important to break them into manageable increments. If we try to take on too much at once we can become easily overwhelmed. For instance, we might decide to clean the house, but thinking of cleaning every room can be daunting. So instead, we may start by organizing some books, or doing the dishes. Starting with activities that are easier or more manageable allows us to enjoy ourselves more, rather than worrying about what we did or didn’t get done.

3. Be Accountable

When planning these activities we must make sure that we set aside an adequate amount of time for them, without cheating ourselves of the opportunity to engage in something we will enjoy. While struggling with depression it may be easy to forget sometimes the enjoyment derived from certain activities, but we can’t let the negative mindset of depression get in the way of our Behavioral Activation. Being accountable doesn’t necessarily mean being monotonous, nor does it mean being overly regimented. It just means that if we promise ourselves to do something we like, or something that is important to us, we hold to that commitment, and make time for us to do so. Basically, we are making a promise to ourselves to do something that will make us feel good. This commitment to our own happiness and well-being is a necessary step in overcoming depression,

In using this tips, we are telling ourselves that activities we value are important. As such we are committing ourselves to making time to do things that we enjoy. We are reminding ourselves that we are important, thus our interests, passions, and ambitions are important to. Depression, though it may hinder our motivation, does not take away from our significance.

Among many other things, increased mindfulness and self-awareness reminds us to be here, now. And in doing so, we remember that each day is precious, so why worry about a few days out of the year that are not perfect feeling? After all, every day is special. In essence, let’s be thankful for each moment and remember to appreciate the simple things. This is the path that not leads us away from darker moments, it shines a light that does not burn out so easily for the days ahead.

Peace and Love, Jim

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