We’ve got to be as clear-headed about ourselves as possible, because we are still each other’s only hope.

A great deal of what I believe and honor in this life leaves me open. Open to questions, open to conversations and yes, to a vast amount of misunderstanding. I believe we all share in this and a great deal of what people say, believe and honor is based on an assumptions we hold and don’t always state. Its almost like a hidden chest of items that always need our attention and energy.

For the most part we are all responsible, moral creatures who so often do not act that way. But are any of us surprised by this? Does anyone wonder why in our current times we tend to see each other as the problem instead of the solution?

Let us not be so gullibly independent (we live our life, but not without the efforts and works of others), pessimist or isolated. Let us face both the need of others to live, survive, get to work, have a job and literally exist as a human in our moments here. BUT, let us not EXPECT everyone to be awake and present to this mindset I describe. Let us all remember that we are each at different points and states of living and understanding the gifts of life. INSTEAD let us have compassion for each other first and foremost, let us expect to act as humans react – emotional, strong and most importantly able to perceive and overcome our own misgivings.

If I didn’t have some ultimate faith and love, faith in US and love for US I am unsure how I would be balanced with the ME. You see, I am a human being too, and I have no right to stand in judgment of the world as though I am not a part of it. What I hope for and expect of others is what I hope for, expect of and work toward of myself.

Peace and Love, Jim

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