Grace. . .
Grace is a positive quality – it’s pleasing and beneficial for all. It exudes civility and kindness. A person exhibiting grace seems calm and confident from the inside out. Our sense of grace is pretty easy to maintain when everything’s going our way. We can be kind, brave, loyal, true and the rest of the Boy Scout motto when things are looking up. But it’s harder when we have a bad day or moment. That’s when you see the true nature of the human moment. When we’re stressed, hurried, tired, grumpy or conflictedthose skills can falter. But those are the times that give us opportunities to practice grace. Try these ideas:
  • When someone disappoints you with their attitude, friendship or other actions, talk with them about the moment and how to solve this issue next time.
  • If somebody slows you down in traffic or the grocery aisle, instead of fuming about your time, consider how bad their day must be going and empathize with them for a moment.
  • When the weather doesn’t cooperate with the outdoor plan you have, brainstorm ways to salvage the fun of the day without getting soaked.
  • The next time you have trouble mastering a difficult process, realize that not everything can come easily to you.
  • During a spousal disagreement, take three times as long to understand the others perspective before jumping in with yours.
  • If a someone complains about the moments or diffucult times, remind them we all have them and like most things in life it will pass.
  • When you are sick or if you feel the signs of aging, remember those are processes of life, and try to show some grace then, too.
Success is easily obtained when we can provide understanding to ourselves and others  and can show grace under pressure. It just takes focus and practice.
Peace and Love, Jim
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