Critical Thinking. . .

Critical thinking describes a scientific attitude of mind with the goal of reflective thought. It includes perceiving a problem, making an effort to solve it, and reaching a conclusion that’s supported by data. The term itself was first used in the 1930s by the American education reformist John Dewey (more on him later).

Here are some examples of critical thinking in action:

  • A triage doctor analyses different cases and decides which patient to treat first

  • An architect evaluates different materials and decides which best fits a construction project

  • A parent mediates an argument between their children, listening to both sides of the story before reaching a decision

  • A business owner reads customer feedback forms and uses the information to create a new training plan for employees

As you can see, critical thinking applies not just to scientific theory and research but to every aspect of life. It’s no wonder that employers value critical thinking as an essential soft skill in the workplace. Critical thinking is hardly a modern development.

From early thinkers like Confucius and Socrates to the most brilliant minds today, these examples of critical thinkers have contributed untold wisdom to our society. No, you may not singlehandedly halt a nuclear missile strike, but you can harness the power of critical thinking for yourself. Make it your personal goal to work on your critical thinking skills and you’re sure to experience success in all aspects of life!

Peace and Love, Jim

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