Pure Being. . . It is not how you compare to others that is important, but rather how you compare to who you were yesterday. If you’ve advanced even one step, then you’ve achieved something great. “Mana” is a Buddhist term meaning arrogance or pride. Naturally, we prefer to imagine ourselves better than others. Our mind knows how to interpret things in such a way that it makes us look good. Our thoughts are continuously creating some self-image, some idea of who and what we are. But because nothing in us is static, this self-image is falling short all the time. So how do we deal with this? Start by noticing how all of this feels. The heart is contracting, we feel tense and suspicious. Sometimes there may be pride, and ego is content, but still, we can’t relax nor feel connected. This is what comparison does. It makes the world a very unsafe place. Stop judging. Don’t try to be perfect. Don’t try to be anyone at all. Just be quiet and open in the moment. You are much bigger than all of this, like endless space Practice mudita.

Instead of feeling jealous when your friend just got this amazing new home, just be completely happy! Without this private thought ‘Yeah, but why not me?’ Simply enjoying their happiness and luck – What freedom

The beauty of all this is that all such limiting concepts of self become irrelevant. We share our inner experience, discuss things openly that are universal and essential, and through meditation we finally enter a higher place in ourselves, beyond all worldly definitions.

Pure being.

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